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Improve Your Ringerike Celebration with Our Excellent Catering

Catering Ringerike plays a crucial role in the success of any party or event. Your guests will remember the meal for its flavour, presentation, and quality. Now we can help you out! Zouq is a restaurant serving authentic Indian and Pakistani food.

What Makes Our Catering Services Stand Out?

Superior Cooking

Our kitchen staff consists of talented individuals who take pride in preparing authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Our Indian Food Ringerike guarantees that every bite will take you on a trip of flavour thanks to the high standards we set for ourselves in terms of both authenticity and quality.

Specialised Menus

We recognise that no two parties are identical. That’s why we allow you to pick from various dishes based on your tastes and dietary restrictions. Our specialists are here to help, whether you have a certain cuisine in mind or are just looking for some direction.

Extensive Choice

Our Indian Restaurant in Ringerike menu offers a wide selection of dishes, from delicious curries to tasty kebabs. We ensure there’s something for everyone at your event by providing vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Reliability of Halal

We’ll try our utmost to meet the special dietary needs of your guests, including those related to Halal food Ringerike. We use only halal ingredients in our cooking to satisfy various dietary restrictions.

Professional Service

Our service’s quality stems from our team’s professionalism and friendliness. We pay close attention to every process step, from preparation to presentation, to guarantee that your party goes off without a hitch.

Easy Preparation

Our Pakistani Food Ringerike catering services will allow you to take the stress out of event planning so that you can focus on having fun at your party. We’ll take care of the food so you may devote your attention elsewhere at the party.

Good Stuff to Eat

We only use the finest, freshest ingredients. The delicious and healthy food we provide reflects our dedication to excellence.

Prompt Shipping

We know how crucial it is to be on time. We promise to get the food to you as soon as possible so your party may go as planned.

Details of How We Serve

Initial Consultation

The process kicks off with the first meeting. We’ll discuss the specifics of your event, your tastes and any special needs. You may rely on our professionals to help you design a menu that perfectly complements your goals.

Choosing from the Menu

We will provide you with a selection of menu items after carefully assessing your requirements. Pick from one of our set menus, or feel free to mix & combine items to create your own personalised dining experience.

A Round of Tastings

If you are planning a large event or have certain dietary needs, we recommend scheduling a tasting session before finalising your menu.

Event Day

Our Pakistani Restaurant in Ringerike staff will arrive early on the day of your party to set up the serving stations or buffet. We take care to make things look lovely and presentable for your guests.


We will have workers on hand to help serve and restock the food during the event so your guests enjoy a pleasant dining experience.


After the party, we will clean up the area and leave it in the same perfect state as when we arrived.

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